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crash #2 repair, guardrail smack

I was simply going too fast, 45 mph in a hairpin turn, drifted out, touched the sand and that was that. Just beyond the edge of control I saw it coming, said "shit" to my pasenger, kissed front corner then rear to the guardrail, bounced only slightly, I drove the car under control to a parking area 100 feet ahead. Oil pressure had gone out so I killed the engine.

Car damage was minimal (so I thought), but I couldn't get oil pressure up, so it was wait an eventual six hours for AAA to arrive (their service sucks off of main roads).

A few months later I tear it down, knowing I have to fix the fender. But close examination of the front suspension showed that I had broken the lower suspension mounts off the unibody, on the drivers' side. Upon guardrail smack that force in the unibody was transmitted to the opposite side (drivers) and pushed through the wheel and tire to ground.

Turns out there was hidden rot inside the mounting ears. Side rail seams popped, from unusual (ahem) stresses and rust. Turns out weep holes had been plugged, probably for decades.

My friend Tad has a water jet machine, and he made some sketches and cut me some amazign steel pieces that tucked up into the chassis perfectly. I added 1" x 1/8" steel straps to the outside. I think next time I'd do this bracing up front.

Interestingly also, the "K" brace on these cars, so often left out or not installed right, most definitely was installed right, and only a few months before. It was flat, square, torqued to 80 ft/lbs and all that -- and was cracked and twisted when I pulled it for this work. This brace got a severe looking-at, and I once again straightened and also braced the shit out of it. It's now tightened to 90 ft/lbs with selected grippy blocks (most of which have their teeth sheared; telling as to what sort of abuse they get).

I also took the opportunity to complete work started years before, a triangular brace for the front compartment, painted a rather stand-out red here. It's what I had, I was out of Chassis Black.

This work got a good try-out in the October 2021 SoCal TT where I managed to get a rock between wheel and rear brake caliper, splitting the rim in half. Sigh. Towed home (stupidly no spare...) installed an old crap wheel and tire and ran the second day just fine.

Sorry, the photos are in random order.