Nash/Rambler 195.6 ci overhead valve six

1961 Rambler Technical Service Manual engine section pages

this is the oldest TSM i have. engine internals remained more or less constant from introduction through the end in 1965, with the exception of oiling (including the wacky E-Stick engine-oil-pressure-driven automatic clutch). there was a cooling system fix in 1965 (possibly 1964, but i don't have TSM that year) and of course, there were many year to year changes such as carburetion, overdrive switches and the like.

1965 TSM engine pages that differ from 1961

the oil pump, oil plumbing, the water pump, and PCV were the major changes in this final year of this ancient engine. note that one of the drawings is wrong, possibly showing a configuration that never shipped: a 1965 engine (full filtration oil) with main galler oil tap for the partial-flow filter. probably an interim engineering drawing that made it into the manual.

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