Steering wheel

What can I say, it's a steering wheel. This one is a 15" Mooneyes special 60's metalflake wheel, made by Grant. No one makes an adapter specifically for early AMC/Ramblers with Gemmer steering boxes, but long ago I managed to figure out that Grant adapter #10159 fit the splined shaft just fine. I had a 15" (black) Grant on my 63 Classic, where it obscured the gauges and made difficult steering even harder; I yeanked it off and gave it to AMC-lister Mark. Years later when I started this car Mark sent it back to me!

The American steering column housing is much larger than whatever adapter 10159 is for, so I cut an aluminum disc to the same diameter, chopped out the center of it to fit the bottom of the adapter, drilled and tapped three #6-32 screws to hold it to the adapter.

The turn signal canceller I made by drilling the adapter for a roll pin, but I missed; so I cancel turns manually. Bummer.

I also had to chop down the tall nut to fit the horn button. Horn wiring was easy, the American simply runs a wire down through the hollow steering shaft, through the box, andI just crimped on a female faston.

I originally tried to hack up the stock wheel, to use the hub as an adapter. Didn't work. Basically it's all molded plastic around a welded wire structure, with a small splined center. Photos are included below. The wheel was ruined, but it was badly cracked anyways.