AMC/Rambler bellhousings

Not done yet, but getting there. Numeric dimensions will follow.

Send me your bellhousing data and I'll add it!


You can just email me photos. Send extras if you're unsure. Bright sunlight, different angles, etc.

Engine patterns.

Early six: Starter on upper left (U.S. drivers side) 1964-1971 199/232/258ci six; 1941-1965 172/184/195.6ci Lhead and OHV including Nash and probably pre-war.

Late all: Starter on lower right (U.S. passenger side) 1972-up 199/232/258ci sixes; 1967-up 290/304/360/390/401 eights; 1966 290ci V8; Jeep 4.0.

Early eight: 1955-1966 250/287/327ci V8 cars; 1965-1968 327ci V8 jeeps.

Transmission patterns.

Early six: T-96.

Late all: multi-drill.

what are these?