Barney Navarro's 700hp 199ci six sold at auction

On 14 July 2005 the remaining contents of Navarro Engineering's shop in Los Angeles (Glendale) was auctioned off, almost all of it reasonably ordinary machine shop equipment, plus his twin-turbo Rambler six, a bunch of Rambler engine parts, and a few scattered pieces of what may be the Indy car.

I'm writing this the day of the auction and will eventually round out the information here as I get it.

The indy motor went to a private collector for $15,000, to Lincoln NB. There were two lots of Rambler parts, I only got one of them, ran out of dollars for the second. I got the better of the lots, though I will be talking to the buyer of the other lot once he goes through it, he may part with some of it.

Conspicuously absent were any other automotive parts or pieces, other than one lonely Ford flathead (that went, with aluminum Navarro heads, for $300). No molds, no jigs, no parts, no pieces, except the Rambler stuff. It's hard to tell what this means, but presumably the interesting stuff he kept, or sold personally, and the Rambler stuff was deemed less valuable.

I bought one lot of stuff, most of the remaining Rambler six turbo parts for what is a pretty spectacular end price.