VAM (Mexican American Motors) 1981 Rally GT

(Looks surprisingly like my faintly customized 1979 AMC AMX. I'd never seen one when I did that car.)

 Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 19:45:47 -0600 From: Eddie 
Stakes Subject: [AMC-List] Mexican VAM 1981 Rally GT pix

Mauriecio sent me these from Guadajara Mexico of his new 1981 Rally GT. Someone save these photos for furute reference as the host, photobucket, usually dumps them after only a certain amount of time! So if someone wants to save these for future reference, please do before they are gone. I have not heard from Mauricio for awhile. This is a VAM 1981 Spirit Rally GT, rather rare little car and you will notice a number of things on it that didn't appear in the US Spirits (at least that I know of).

Have fun, Eddie Stakes