Easy fix/replacement for the windshield washer foot pump check valve

13 mar 2020

AMC and Cadillac both used this unique three-legged double check valve in the windshield washer squirter system. For AMC at least there is a foot-pressed rubber bulb that acts as simple "pump", but requires two check valves to move water one way, to the nozzle on the hood. These all seem to have died from old (plastic) age. Used ones have the same problem (hose nipples break off). When I saw a new part go for fifty bucks I figured it was time to invoke Rambler Mentality and find a cheaper, robust solution.

It ain't concours, but it squirts water. Two generic washer check valves and a plastic tee work as good, or better, than stock. My cost was under 10 bucks. Installs and works first time. The bulb squirts when you press, draws when you take your foot off. The check valves make the water flow one way only. Yours might look different; just make sure water flow is in the same direction with the tee in the middle.

I used two Anco 48-21, a plastic tee and washer hose from my parts shelf.