An electronic replacement for that miserable dash regulator

On early (eg. 1963) Ramblers, the dash voltage regulator is a 19th century style make/break thermostatic device.

They fail, and are made of Unobtainium. They can easily be replaced with a modern "three terminal" regulator, ala LM7805 or equiv. I did this years ago. I recently had to take out the dash gauge cluster for another reason so I too the opp. to photograph it. To the right is how I mounted it under an existing screw, also grounding the unit; to the left is a closeup. You can get 'em at Radio Shack. You have to solder wires on it. Clip off the center pin. With the mounting tab at the top, the left pin is "IN", connect to battery on gauge PC board. The right pin is "OUT", 5 volts. Connect to regulator trace on PCB. IMPORTANT: mount the tab onto a GROUNDED screw as I did (tab is GROUND, same as middle pin cut off). Gently bend up pins and insulate/protect with epoxy.