tomj's AMC/Rambler pages -- Factory manuals and documentation

07 jun 2020

This page contains AMC/Rambler authored manuals and documents. These are all volunteer/enthusiast scans. Most of the PDFs are available for download in their entirety or directly browsable. Scanning is tedious hard work, errors or omissions are possible. Please let me know if you find errors and I will fix what I can ASAP.

Some of these documents are large, over a thousand pages, and rendered as page images. You can visualize these online documents as you would a paper manual: a long series of pages numbered starting at 1.

Documents are in sections (the parts catalogs use AMC's GROUP system), with a thumbnail image of the first page of that section. Click that image to jump to that page in the larger document. From there NEXT and PREVIOUS will change page forward or backward.

Page image quality

Do not be alarmed by the low quality of the page image! Read on!

To make browsing faster you initially see a low quality page image. These low-quality images browse faster and use less data (important on mobile browsers). When you see a page you like, click anywhere in the page to switch to high resolution.

Navigating with NEXT and PREVIOUS remembers your quality selection.

Clicking anywhere in the page at any time alternates between low quality (FASTER) and high quality (SLOWER, EXPENSIVE) pages. Think of it as parallel copies of the same book, small-fast-fuzzy and large and nicely readable.

Technical Service Manuals

1965 Rambler American Technical Service Manual
The 1965 Rambler American technical service manual, complete, excellent schematics.
1973 AMC Technical Service Manual
The complete 1973 TSM. The schematics are not useable at the moment.

Other documents

Miscellaneous, generally non-technical documents.

1964 Rambler accessories catalog
Am I too late to order these nifty accessories?
AMC Family Album (1969)
This is a nicely made photobook, AMC propaganda from 1969. Lists most model introductions and a bunch of special purpose and one-off cars.
AMC sales brochures
A few 1970 AMC color sales brochures.

Parts catalogs

These are very useful -- the drawings show what parts look like, what the order of assembly is, helps with interchange and ID'ing ePay finds, etc. Please note however that sometimes AMC re-used a previous year drawing, where the actual shape of a part has changed, but the general description remains correct. Keep in mind these are parts catalogs, not assembly procedures. A lever or bushing image may be wrong, but it's position and part number are correct.

About Groups

AMC classified all of the parts that go into their cars into Groups. Most groups are unambiguous (eg. Group 1, Engine) but sometimes you have to get imaginative (eg. speedometer calibration gears are under "Electrical") (my interpretation: instrument panel guages) or just memorize (Rear Suspension is in Group 11 with Springs and Shocks). On the whole though it's well done.

About part numbers

AMC and Jeep part numbers are almost universally of the form XXX-XXXX, seven digits, the first digit always 3. (eg. 320 7888 is a hard to find transmission yoke). Occasionally a suffix letter. Many of the AMC parts dealers prefer to work with part numbers, since there are often many small variations of a part (eg. transmission yokes) that otherwise look identical.

Here is a rough visual guide to AMC groups.

1960-1965 Rambler factory parts catalog
The complete 1965 Rambler/American Motors factory parts catalog, recently (Jan 2020) indexed. Mobile friendly.
1966 AMC factory parts catalog
The complete American Motors 1966 factory parts catalog. Mobile friendly.
1967 - 1972 AMC factory parts catalog
The complete American Motors 1967 to 1972 factory parts catalog. Mobile friendly.
1973 - 1978 AMC factory parts catalog
The complete American Motors 1973 to 1978 factory parts catalog. Mobile friendly. This is the main catalog; the illustrations are below.
1973 - 1978 AMC factory parts catalog illustrations
These are the illustrations for the American Motors 1973 to 1978 factory parts catalog. Mobile friendly. The main catalog is above.
Australian 1973 - 1974 AMC Parts Catalog
This is the Australian AMC parts catalog, it only covers 1973 and 1974. There is some hand written notes amongst the pages. It should be correct for all of models, either USA or in Australia. The 1974 models were the last assembled by AMI in Australia, mostly assembled in 1976.

Collision parts catalogs

1950-1960 Rambler Collision Parts Catalog
Collision repair, major parts, including prices.
1961-1965 Rambler Collision Parts Catalog
Collision repair, major parts.
1966-1970 AMC Collision Parts Catalog
Collision repair, major parts.