tomj's AMC/Rambler pages: Technical documents

16 mar 2023

Technical and other outright-informational documents; manuals, tables, charts, parts lists, etc. American Motors authored documents such as parts catalogs have their own section.


External (manufacturer-sourced) information and documents, and some derived data (aka measurement).

2006 Gabriel Catalog final Reduced catalog
Moog Chassis Parts Vol 1 1939..1959
Moog Chassis Parts Vol 2 1960..1970
Moog Chassis Parts Vol 3 1971..1980
A Guide to Tuning Weber Carburettors (Borg Warner, 1976)
An Australian Borg Warner guide to adapting Weber DCOE and IDA carbs to engines that didn't have them. Though old, and only these two carbs, there's some great basic info that applies to IDFs today. Source unknown, thanks whoever you are!
Weber factory tuning manual
Found on the net, appears to be from 1980's. Source unknown, thanks whoever you are!
Old Borg Warner transmission catalog
This undated, unnumbered Borg Warner "catalog" contains the only specifications for the T96 transmission I have ever seen. No wonder they break so often.
AMC/Rambler brake database
A compilation of disc and drum brake data taken from AMC factory Technical Service Manuals, arranged into one large table, cross-referenced. Now with Bendix, Wagner, Raybestos, UPB, Aimco parts numbers cross reference.
Borg Warner M35 automatic transmission technical service manual
The full service manual for the Borg Warner Model 35 automatic transmission, indexed and mobile-friendly.
Borg Warner R10, R11 overdrive manual
A PDF copy of the Borg Warner R10 and R11 overdrive manual. I really need to break this down into browsable pages.
Factory service manual for the 3TMR AM radio
The Motorola 3TMR is the AM radio used in 1963, 1964 Rambler Classics and Ambassadors. The cheapskates, it's got only five transistors, one more than the cheapest pocket radio of the era, a 2N176 that drives the loudspeaker. The schematic shows AVC, but I can't hear it!
AMC Rambler 22BA AM radio service manual
Two tubes, two transistors, another low-grade AM radio.
AMC/Rambler bellhousings
A weak attempt to document AMC six cylinder bell housings. If you have one not shown here please contact me, I'd love to add data on it to this page.
The New! for 1956 Rambler V8 engine (327, 287ci)
A copy of AMCer Greg Taylor's pages on the AMC V8, including the SAE paper, Technical Service Manual pages.
Dr. Rambler's Aluminum 195.6 OHV pages
Mostly complete, saved off the web.
Zemco CompuCruise
I had a lovely Zemco CompuCruise computer installed in my 1970 Hornet; very 1970's! It finally drove me crazy and I sold it on eBay. Here is the installation and operating manuals.